Sat essay tips

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Let’s try to figure out what are the essential features of an essay.

First, the essay is devoted to one specific problem or question so that the author’s position is not comprehensive. But often one problem leads to the disclosure of many minor issues, and the student should try not to “drown” in them, but to adhere to a specific central position.

Secondly, the essay is quite a subjective genre. And this is its value. After all, the teacher expects from the author’s personal assessment of the perceived topic, originality, expression of individual position, style of thinking and speech, free orientation in social science terms and social events.

Thirdly, the essay requires ease in the narration. Therefore, freedom should be felt in the presentation of thoughts.

Fourthly, an essay requires writing a small amount, since the time spent on the Unified State Exam is limited.

Fifth, essays on social science topics should be peculiar in order to surprise the reader, allow re-evaluating known facts, challenge the truth, giving paradoxical definitions as proof.

Sixth, in spite of the obscure facts, the content should have the inner harmony and consistency of the personal judgments of the author.

Seventh, the essay has such a feature as openness. Of course, as in any essay or article, at the end of the essay it is necessary to draw a conclusion, but in such a way that any other author can continue thinking on the disclosed question, giving his analysis or complementing the arguments.

The advantages of the essay include:

  • availability of brief information about the author of the statement, which became the topic of the essay (political figure, economist, philosopher, public figure);
  • description of different points of view on the problem;
  • polysemy of used concepts and terms in the context;
  • bringing alternative solutions to the problem.

Before starting to write an essay, the student should be familiar with the requirements for this type of task. The points for the essay are set following such criteria as the meaning of the statement is disclosed, an own position with arguments is presented, judgments and arguments are revealed based on theoretical propositions, conclusions, and facts.