MLA essay examples

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It should be noted that in the USA and other countries there are various styles of references to sources of information, including electronic ones. The most common systems are APA (American Psychological Association) in the social sciences and MLA (Modern Language Association) in the humanities.

Let us consider the design of the list of references to electronic sources of information in these two styles.

Both bibliographic systems, consist of two elements, which are the citation (link) in the text and the list of sources at the end of the document. The difference in the quote in the text by APA and MLA systems is an indication of the name of the author or the name of the document, organization, year of publication (not in MLA) and the page in parentheses. For example, (Wilkinson, 1998, p. 36) – APA style, (Wilkinson 36) – MLA style. In the bibliographic system most frequently used in domestic scientific texts, this is the sequence number of the source in the bibliographic list in square brackets. Justify the logic of the rules of electronic sources in the APA, if necessary, links to inaccessible data in the network, such as personal emails, messages to Usenet Newsgroups or BBS (usually not stored or selectively stored), limiting their citation only in the text indicating the date. For example, (personal communication, October 6, 1997) – the principle of the APA system.

In the APA style for a bibliographic list of links to electronic sources of information, the link consists of the name of the author of the site, the name of the page, the name of the website (typed in italics), the address of the site (URL), marked with <>, and the date last viewed the site in parentheses, for example:

Hendl, K.B. Internet resources for nursing students. The Nursing Page. <> (1997, October 21)

In MLA style, the difference in the design of a similar link consists in enclosing the page name in quotes, including the date of publication or the last modification of the page, the sequence of the date of viewing the page, for example:

Hendle, Kevin B. “Internet resources for nursing students.” The Nursing Page. 1997. <> (October 21, 1997)